Industrial Rope Access

Geotech Surveys and Works

Bells can provide a full range of rope access services including slope survey and stabilisation, soil nailing, rock face retention, netting, fencing and concrete spraying. Bells are also able to offer assistance for site investigation services to steep embankments and cuttings where soil investigation and sampling is required.

Standby Rescue Team

Bells with its OHSAS 18001 certification and IRATA membership is well equipped to provide an abseil (Rope Access) rescue team. Our teams are highly trained in all aspects of industrial rope access and emergency first aid to provide on-site rescue capabilities on building, construction or difficult terrain.

Wind Turbine Nacelle and Blade Cleaning

Bells can provide preventative maintenance and inspections to the wind energy industry utilizing IRATA Certified rope access Technicians to facilitate blade/tower inspection, composite/leading edge repair, wind tower, generator and turbine nacelle cleaning . Our industrial cleaning process employing soda blasting as a safe and environmentally friendly process leave no-contaminates or secondary waste stream behind.

Building, Ship and Industrial Structure Inspections

Rope Access Inspections present a hands-on approach to the evaluation of structural components on bridges, buildings, ships, industrial structures, and towers. Rope Access technicians equipped with infrared or HD video cameras provides Bells with the capability to capture data, take digital photos or HD video, scope the structure and provide a comprehensive report of a building facade or structural envelope. This safe and cost efficient solution of access allows our partner engineers or builders to view data and assess the rectification works required.

In partnership with Thermoscan Australia, Bells now has the capability to undertake thermographic surveys of a building envelope, glazing and framing, and substrata. Thermoscan’s imaging and interpretive expertise and Bells rope access techniques gives a building owner and manager a powerful new tool to find out what is happening with their building.

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