IRATA Member Company

Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA)

What is IRATA?

IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association is the peak industry body, with almost 300 member companies worldwide, IRATA continually sets the industry standards. Since its formation, IRATA and its member companies, have worked assiduously to ensure the highest levels of safety in the industry through production of an industry standard set of guidelines and training requirements.

The safe-working, best practice ethic of IRATA member companies that results in the delivery of the safest of all work at height procedures stems not only from the highly trained and skilful technicians undertaking the work and the fact that they each have to re-train and be re-assessed regularly, but also from the fact that the IRATA company applies the same rigorous safety culture to its administration of its rope access activities and is itself regularly independently audited on behalf of the Association.

Bells is one of only two IRATA Certified Companies in Queensland.

Those wanting to be sure they are associating with an IRATA member company can check the list of members here.

The Value of a Qualified Work Force and an IRATA Certified Company.

Working at height or in locations presenting difficult or confined access requires great skill and such standards can only be achieved as a result of extensive training and regular refresher courses. IRATA training is not only provided by skilled trainers in centres that are also members of the Association…every course is also assessed by experienced IRATA personnel who are independent of the training company. This double guarantee of thorough training and independent assessment is the IRATA key to securing a safe work force.